Videos (mostly Youtube) of Linda Ronstadt

After watching this Linda Ronstadt film, The Sound of My Voice, I wanted to see more of her. Her harmonies are really good! It's neat watching her through the years. She really has followed her own path in her obvious joy at singing. Then there are really good interviews and kid's shows, .....

I'm sure there's some duplicates I missed deleting, incorrect or no dates... I'm putting these into better order as I discover more pieces. There's still more Spanish material I'm sure.

I've started to see if I can highlight some of my favourites for those who just want a sampler. Let me know of others. Also Youtube videos come and go, so let me know of bad links.







interviews, documentaries

  • Interview, and New Hard Times, w/ Stone Poneys, 1967
  • Mike Douglas Show (start 14:00), Linda Ronstadt, George Carlin, S10E154, April 15, 1971
  • In Session at KSAN=-FM, San Francisco -November 18, 1973
  • Documentary, Trio w/ Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, (57:29)
  • Interview Bob Harris? talks about The Eagles, 70s, (10:38)
  • Interview Mike Douglas, w/ George Carlin, Mike Douglas Show S10E154 (start 16:38), April 15, 1971
  • Radio show Lowell George with Linda w/ Don "Cerphe" Colwell, WHFS Bethesda, MD 1974-03-19
  • Interview Wonderland, 1977, (5:40)
  • Speaking on new law concerning illegal immigrants on the show "Campbell Brown", CNN 4-29-10
  • Tribute video honoring singer & activist Linda Ronstadt. By Tribesmen Pictures for the 2011 MALDEF LA Gala
  • Interview 2013 National Book Festival, 2013
  • Conversation, with Patt Morrison, Writers Blog on September 24, 2013, (51:51)
  • Interview, w/ Alanna Nash, Tara on TMA
  • Talks skipping class, career highs and music legends at Tucson's Sunday Evening Forum, 2014?
  • Ronstadt generations. April, 2014
  • Interview, Reveals What Life Is Like After Singing Silenced By Parkinson's Disease, KPIX CBS SF Bay Area, Nov 14, 2014
  • In Conversation with Dan Guerrero, September 29, 2015
  • Interview, Diane Sawyer
  • Linda Ronstadt on Parkinson's Diagnosis: Life Is ‘Different’
  • The Trio | Steve Pennells on Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt's final collaboration | Sunday Night
  • Interview, Claudine Wong, 2017
  • On singing: It's always a work in progress, w/ Anderson Cooper, CNN