Whitehorse, Canada's wilderness walking trail city

Just want to walk? LOOP WALKING TRAILS, 100+ walks, 100s kms of trails to tempt locals and tourists.

WhitehorseWalks works to make walking more attractive, more intriguing, to get more people out on the trails. The Hepburn Tramway is a recent whitehorseWalks project (Small addendum page).

Yukon Walking Strategy looks at walking for recreation, health, tourism, education.... and Ideas to improve walking is a list of opportunities for better walking here, and walking ideas for active elders


December 31, 2017. How to cultivate awe with a walking meditation

December 14, 2017. Another neat map http://jillhubley.com/project/wildfires/map/

December 11, 2017. Not really walking but very mesmerizing. Simulation shows swirling of smoke, sea salt, and dust around the world

November 30, 2017. WCCSC trail use info; and more here

November 25, 2017. New city map reveals snowy side of Edmonton's river valley Find out where to skate, toboggan, access a washroom and which paths are cleared of snow.

October 11, 2017. 'Paying to stay safe': why women don't walk as much as men A study shows in most countries, women walk significantly fewer steps each day than men. Talia Shadwell hears from people all over the world saying the same thing: it’s down to personal safety, not laziness

September 26, 2017. Walkable cities are better for our health and economy

September 17, 2017. A few new loops at LOOP WALKING TRAILS

September 8, 2017. Interested in keeping our Airport Perimeter Trail? Read the Robert Service Way planning study and take the survey: But first, look at my draft Submission and Maps, walking feedback for the study.

August 30, 2017. Museum of walking

August 24, 2017. Middle-aged told to walk faster

August 19, 2017. Here's a nice new loop, great for fall colours: Log Trail views, about 5.6 km between Chadburn Lake and the Yukon River.

August 10, 2017. Robert Service Way... industrial wasteland or a key walking connector area for Downtown, Riverdale, above-the-airport neighbourhoods, Whitehorse South neighbourhoods, and especially for active recreation tourism values. Public input time is short — we only have until September 10 to influence this important city process.

August 5, 2017. Daily walking is the best anti-aging prescription

July 26, 2017. Here’s why every capitalist should connect with nature. I’ll tell you what others won’t. An appreciation of the natural world could save you – and us – a lot of money 

June 24, 2017. Nature Therapy Is a Privilege. Science is learning more about the health benefits of going outside—at a time when access to wild spaces is ever-more unequal.

June 20, 2017. Interesting picture about linear travel.

June 18, 2017. A fun place to spend some time: Plantwatch.

June 14, 2017. A set of walks starting at the Visitor Reception Centre. These are all over 10 km This is a draft idea still.

June 13, 2017.  Running in circles: a trip around the Isle of Wight Chalky cliffs, curry and camping … Martin Love finds there’s much to discover on a run along the island’s 66-mile coastal path

Though we were running this race, the majority of our fellow entrants were hikers. Endurance walking is a growing area for “weekend challengers” and they hoped to circle the island in one shot, going through the night. Like hares and tortoises, most would beat us, but by the end they were like zombies, stumbling towards the finish line, their unblinking eyes fixed on the horizon as they stumbled ever onwards.

June 12, 2017. I posted my submission to the planning folk after our day of meetings on the future of Downtown and Marwell.

June 8, 2017.  Wildwise Yukon: One of our key objectives is to reduce the number of instances where animals are relocated or eradicated due to negative encounters with people. Together, we can work towards creating a safe, healthy environment for people and wildlife in the Yukon.

May 25, 2017. What would happen if you got lost In the woods?

May 20, 2017. Walking Book Club

T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison: Walking as a revolutionary act of self-care and Step It Up! The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities

May 15, 2017. For this weeks Elderactive walk I put together this 4.2 km walk: Hepburn Tramway - Escarpment Trail loop.

May 14, 2017. I updated the draft set of walks > 10km starting and ending at the Visitor Reception Centre. I also updated the downtown walking opportunities map and the map key.

May 8, 2017. Trail things change a lot so I've updated the downtown walking opportunities map. I've also updated the draft set of walks > 10km starting and ending at the Visitor Reception Centre adding in a walk to the college.

May 5, 2016. Continuing to solve making a better experience for this Canadian Volksport Federation walk, I've a draft set of walks > 10km starting and ending at the Visitor Reception Centre. It's based on the map in the April 23, 2017 post below.

May 3, 2014. Jane's Walk coming up...cancelled. Plans for making the trail at Miles Canyon more suitable for a broader group have fallen through. For now, there's a section that requires a bit of tricky hiking. Email me if you want to walk the trail and I'll happily arrange this at other times.

April 24, 2016. Active living research. And, Eight qualities of pedestrian- and transit-oriented design

April 23, 2017. There's planning happening downtown. DT-walking has an overview page of walking things to consider to get a vibrant downtown.

April 22, 2017. The walks give clarity': how Wales hike helped PM decide on next step “The body reacts to this pause. It has worked for me when I have been having a particularly hectic time – I go out for a walk – and things become clearer. It is the combination of physical exertion and being in this landscape – it focuses you."

April 19, 2017. One of my goals is to pick a walk to replace this Canadian Volksport Fereration walk with something nicer. Their rating page suggest to me a 4C-level walk would be nice. I've made a candidate, starting and ending at the Visitor Reception Centre. Next is to try it out. Can I add more scenic spots? a few more hills? Maybe bring it to 15 km, or even 20? Then I'll try interpreting it and thinking of a name and ensuring it's well waymarked so visitors can't get lost. Then I'll figure out how to get it accepted as one of their Permanent Trails.

April 18, 2017.There's a lot happening downtown. There's a lot to know and I made an overview page called DT-walking. This set of planning covers a LOT of ground. I've mapped things to consider to get a vibrant downtown.

April 3, 2017. "Friday will be the second hike on my quest to Walk the Waterfront from Port Credit to Ajax. I expect it will take about 10 hikes to complete, hopefully in May and June, then Sept through November, in 10 or more stages. I'll keep track on my Toronto Cycling map, highlighting the trail as we complete the sections." Darlene McKee. This is what we can do with various hikes here in Whitehorse, like the Yukon River Trail, the Reckless Raven Ultra....

April 2, 2017. How to increase your walking speed

March 26, 2017. Walking in the woods is also about health. "Brain fatigue" and the best thing to do on a practice break

March 24, 2017. On Monday Mayor and Council will be voting on a proposal to build a quarry at Miles Canyon. Here's a backgrounder, Building a quarry at Miles Canyon, about why I think this should be voted down. See more about the Hepburn Tramway.

March 19, 2017. What's better exercise: biking or walking?

March 10, 2017. The Camino experience: March 15, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; Hidden Valley School; Dianne Homan, Yukon chapter of the Company of Canadian Pilgrims

March 5, 2017. This Is Your Brain on Nature Urban green space is a balm for all sorts of stuff. In a new book, The Nature Fix, Florence Williams makes the case for why we should all be spending more time outside.

March 4, 2017. City Council is hosting a series of Town Hall meetings for residents of the City of Whitehorse, to improve understanding of the unique issues affecting neighbourhoods and hear directly from residents about the issues affecting you. April 4-19. Let council know how important walking is. If you have an opportunity, lobby for making the Hepburn Tramway a Historical walk.

February 27, 2017. Behind the scenery: The subtle art of crafting public wilderness trails

Standards and guidelines for the conservation of historic places in Canada

February 18, 2017. "Alberta Walkability Roadshow" research missed the big picture and won't get people to walk more. Walking is a many-facetted activity: recreation, transportation, health, friendship, activity, fun. According to this article, whitehorsewalks.com is on the right track I think.

February 6, 2017. Reckless Raven Yukon 50 Mile Ultra.Web: recklessraven.runforlife.ca: Draft route; Trail description

February 4, 2017. Walking School Bus or, here's another approach: Safe routes to school walking maps

January 30, 2017. Step by step, schools push to get kids walking At Brampton's Eagle Plains school, a "Walk Whatever the Weather" campaign aims to get as many kids as possible out of the car and onto the sidewalk.

January 28, 2017. Walking in Whitehorse: playgrounds, public right-of-ways, trails, viewpoints, trail names, motorized trails... an update to this big city-wide map

Saul Alinsky wrote in Rules for Radicals that protest and activism is supposed to be loads of fun for the protesters. If you're not enjoying yourself, you're doing it wrong. Whitehorsewalks.com is fun. I get to think, to scheme and to walk.

January 22, 2017. Northern Neglect The cities of the Canadian Arctic are contending with decades-old planning mistakes that ignored indigenous settlement patterns and knowledge.

"Yet contemporary urban planning in the North has veered to another extreme, one of efficiency and expediency, leading to piecemeal development. As northern cities continue to grow, they tend toward a suburban density defined by subdivisions and large lots, wide gaps between buildings, and an ambiguous public realm. Many town plans propose subdivisions tethered to the city by single roads, contributing to a sense of sprawl and a fragmented urban fabric heightened by isolation from major infrastructural networks."

January 12, 2017. How to perform self-rescue if you fall through the ice

Finding Joy in Urban Winters The Danish concept of hygge, or coziness, offers a blueprint. There's a new level of collaboration among cold cities, as well. In early 2017, Edmonton will host Winter Cities Shakeup, a conference for leaders and placemakers from snowy cities to compare notes.

"It's a whole emphasis on everyday life," says Susan Holdsworth, Edmonton's WinterCity coordinator. "We know festivals are great, but we want to make sure the everyday life experience in winter is also great. It's not just great once you get to Silver Skate or Flying Canoe. It's great when you're on your way to work or at your lunch hour."

January 4, 2017. Walk like a penguin to avoid slipping on ice, German doctors advise Advice to walk leaning forward so centre of gravity is on front leg comes as Germany braces for plummeting temperatures

January 3, 2017. Why quality of place matters Cultural amenities like parks and museums attract young talent to big cities. But how do they work for smaller cities or older people? Can quality-of-place strategies aid in building stronger, more economically vibrant communities, or are they a fad and a waste of money?

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