Last Wednesday night I attended the February 25, 2009 OCP planning meeting to look at the neighbourhood results of the first set of OCP planning meeting. I was disappointed but was not able to explain my concerns adequately to staff; writing a quick note at that time didn't seem reasonable so I went home and did a lot of thinking and looking.

The website on the OCP process had each neighbourhood's map/sketch. The site noted:

"These maps only represent the input we heard, and do not value one piece of input more highly than any other. They do not represent a future plan, and are intended for discussion purposes only."

I downloaded the PDFs for Hillcrest, Granger, Arkell-Copper Ridge-Logan and McLean Lake/Lobird and over-laid them in Google earth.

Then I roughly traced the areas where the different scenarios talked about development (reddish areas with whitish outlines. There is a lot of overlap in places) and added to mapping I'd previously done showing: land claim lands (greenish-KDFN and purple-Ta'an); the greenish band is the new Hamilton Blvd Extension; on top of this is yellow Powerlines, and thin red trails. This is rough because the PDF maps/sketches were traced in felt-tip markers.

I didn't copy contradictory information calling for protection of most of the Paddy's pond – Ice lake area by the Granger and Arkell meetings.

SadAn interesting situation for sure!

Did our Hillcrest meeting really say to develop most of the land between the wetlands and the highway? Not according to what I heard. Yet a big area of land to be considered for dvelopment has a yellow dot, not even a red dot.

Interestingly, Hillcrest seems to have been given a small base map to work on. It didn't show wetlands and didn't even reach to Ice Lake. Nor the Hamilton Blvd extension. How were people unfamiliar with intepreting aerial photos supposed to read them?

I sent a formal response to the city on March 05.

March 8, 2009