For those who have very limited walking abilities who want to get outside and into a peaceful, awesome place. I've a short list at More places to walk, guides

January 5, 2019. A senior’s resolution: No more falling down in 2019

The more you know, the more fun your walks are. I'm updating the plants part of my Yukonviews website: Yukon PLANTS. I''m trying to photograph all our Yukon plants x— a very long-term project. If you like knowing plants you'll have fun looking at the photos.

Walks for active elders

Some hikes to choose from

Flat, paved

Fairly flat

Few or easier hills, switchbacks

Longer hills, switchbacks

Harder hills, may be no switchbacks

Harder hills and/or bad spots

* Restrictions or things to be aware of, such as on ski trails.

"To support seniors and elders in helping other seniors and elders to live full, active and healthy lives." ElderActive Purpose

November 19, 2021. Shorter loop walks around town

October 16, 2018. Middle McIntyre Brown, 4.0 km updated with a 1.1 km option

March 30, 2018. Here's my submission to the City Trail Development Policy process

March 15, 2018. Here's my submission to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan process

Spring 2018: Draft map of a new loop: Lower BugaLOOP, 6.1 km

Fall 2017. Some new loops: Log Trail views, 5.6 km; Above Wolf Creek North, 6.8 km; Crocus Hill - Broken Truck, 4.1 km has a 5.2 version now

Here's a start at a set of walks! Direction of travel can be important as it's sometimes easier to go up a bad section than go down; so often walks have a suggested direction of travel.

As people become more familiar with hikes, different leaders can step forward so hikes can continue year round. The idea for now is about 2-hour hikes although a couple of these are longer.

A goal is to have easier and harder hikes, perhaps on different days. This will accommodate more needs. A recent hike with 27 people showing up shows there is a strong desire to get out and see more of the city! But the group size is not so workable!

A 2nd weekly walk would give us the opportunity to offer a easier (flat, fairly flat) and harder (hills) walk each week. This will allow us to be more inclusive of members that require the consistency of a weekly easy walk to build strength, endurance and confidence before trying harder hikes.

I'm also going to add in optional sections so on a day where it's so nice out and the group chooses, we can add in another 1 or 2 km (less than an hour) extension to the hike.

Things to remember for the walk

There is no group leader, so count heads and stick together! If you decide to cut your own walk short, please let someone know. A disturbing story came out of Vancouver about a woman who was separated from her walking group and is still missing on the North Trail. 'Exhaustive' search for missing hiker with dementia suspended

Other walking things

The Canada Games Centre runs a "Senior's Walk & Talk" on the track — Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm, an alternative for the ERA Walking Group on very cold days."You set the speed and intensity based on your ability and need while you learn proper gait and different strategies to keep yourself fit and healthy."

November 13, 2016. From Jeddie Russell of WalkOn Footcare. Here's the Caring for Active FEET handout from her Active Feet Workshop. Lot's to think about for sure.