A collection of walks

Here's a true Whitehorse tour: over 80 circular walks, almost 600 km of walks. Those marked with an * have a restriction for use by time of year such as: a wetland needing to be frozen; ski tracks that you shouldn't step in; or a trail that crosses a ski trail and isn't to be used during ski season.

Whitehorse, the wilderness city. A collection of walking ideas explains this loop walking trails project.

Time to walk trails varies depending on fitness, season, footwear (snowshoes or boots), snow depth, frequency of trail use: think 2-3 km/hr for snowshoeing, while 4-5 km/hr is more realistic for summer walking. Winter walking times are slower in soft snow, or when a snowmobile has passed.

This collection of loop walking maps is created for discussion, not to claim safe trails. Improvements will come as people proof them, by walking them, describing them and waymarking them!

Mobility issues make a trail less enjoyable. If you are worried about falling and breaking fragile bones, have joint issues, small kids, and want scenic hikes with hills, but without steep, slippery, scary pieces, you might enjoy the Elder Active Walking Group choices.

Loop Walking Trails — a different hike every week

June 14, 2017. A set of walks starting at the Visitor Reception Center. These are all over 10 km This is a draft idea still.

Whitehorse north, Whitehorse south

Takhini River –
Whitehorse North

Whistle Bend –
Middle McIntyre Creek

South-west side of Yukon River

downtown, airport and above-the-airport

Airport Flats – Downtown

Paddy's Pond – Ice Lake

Mount McIntyre

$ Porcupine Ridge North soon to be all-season free!

Yukon River, east side

Long Lake – Hospital – Magnusson

+ Hospital construction has messed up some of the trail entrances for some loops; perhaps trails will be better when they're finished?

Riverdale – Hidden Lakes

Miles Canyon – the Lakes

Longer walks

Reckless Raven Yukon 50 Mile Ultra.Web: recklessraven.runforlife.ca: Draft route; Trail description.

Or the Yukon River Trail Marathon: Yukon River Trail Marathon*, 43.2; Yukon River Trail Marathon*, Legs 1, 4, 21.0; Yukon River Trail Marathon*, Legs 2, 3, 22.2

The broader picture

This builds on my Yukon Walking Strategy which looks at how we could become a more walkable community and the Yukon could become a walking tourism destination. See my Walking communities for walks outside Whitehorse. A goal is to make a set of pages of loops walks for the rest of the Yukon.

As you look at this initial collection of trails, think about a group promoting walking like Walk Richmond, or a group organizing a walking festival like Walk Scily or Haltwhistle Walking Festival. Or look at walkAlberta. perhaps we might have a Yukon chapter of the Canadian Volkssport Federation (which needs an updated version of their suggested Northern Director's Walk.)