Can we fix up our mountain roads?

Yukon funds road upgrade to mountain biking trails First tourism-related project for Resource Access Road Program "For the longest time only the biggest 4x4s could get up there and most recently the road was re-graded so in fact common people in common cars can now get up there for tourism," said Justin Ferbey with the First Nation.

A sense of awe where we live

July 3, 2013. We live in a beautiful place, a mountain valley set in an area of mountains. We get to see it when we fly over it. I sense in conversations that many people are aware of our mountains but don't know many by name. And how many people get to walk around on a mountaintop?


For the hearty walker, it's a relatively easy, although long, walk up 3 rough roads to gain great views from the tops of 3 mountains within the City: Haeckel Hill, Grey Mountain and Mount McIntyre.

Whitehorse Recreational Trail Guide

A guide to popular trails of Whitehorse

Making walking better map shows some improvements needed.

Haeckel Hill

The road is rough, more suited to high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicles. It's about a 30 minute slow drive. The views on top are stunning. Access to the long ridge of Mount Sumanik is straightforward.

Grey Mountain

A well maintained gravel road leads to a parking space about half-way up. From there, a rough road leads up to the microwave towers. Parking is limited here. The narrow road near the top features long drop-offs; not for the faint-of-heart driver. It's about a slow 30-minute drive.

We need a trail fron the north end of the ridge down to the Magnussun end,

Beautiful trails lead out along the ridge with lots of alpine terrain. There are rocky pieces that cause difficulty for the unsteady.

Mount McIntyre

The road to the summit has a few rough rocky sections that call for a 4x4 style vehicle.

Trails are from the intersection of the Ski Club's Skyline trail. Hiking around the summit is in an alpine environment. Hike past the summit where the track connects to the Coal Lake Road. Another route leads down to the Fish Lake Road.