Downtown overview

Nov 13, 2022. Time for an update. DRA AGM coming up. I think it's time that there was a walking committee that to cared about walking, both urban street walking and trail walking. The recent discussion around snow clearing and sidewalks shows walking is't really considered an active transportation method of importance. The Nov 15, 2019 item shows a number of issues of importance to downtown residents.

Why should we have a committee interested in trails? The problem is Downtown has never has an area trails process, leading to the escarpment trail deemed non official and requiring an almost YESAB process to make it recognized. In reality most of our recreation space is behind the hospital! If we were well organized Downtown residents would be trail stewards of that area.

Here's an overview I started looking at Downtown trails

Let me list some items I've promoted, mostly older but still quite relevant. Note that the City has a new website, breaking old links.