Tank Farm area remediation and development

The Tank Farm area is being proposed to be cleaned up and developed. This will take many years before it is not a construction site for one purpose or another. It will never be the quiet walk it currently is. A community goal is to make the 'new' area a model neighbourhood.

Walking in this area has long been a peaceful experience, is spite of being a contaminated place. Our thanks to the owners for accepting the holes in the fences as people walked the area. Now with the prospect of development, we need to look carefully and think of whether we can help the owners design a model neighbourhood that meets our city's sustainability goals, where walking is a viable way of life.

Report on Tank Farm neighbourhood visioning. A well designed walkable neighbourhood could result from this.


We need to ensure that keeping a Tank Farm foot trail open during remediation is part of Tank Farm site conditions (as per OCP and Strategic Priorities Report).

Need for Industrial / commercial land

In the rush to amend the OCP for the Tank Farm, one important issue was not really addressed. The Hillcrest visioning meeting became the driving force for how the Tank Farm is to be developed. The submission to change the OCP to allow quarrying, also referenced the 'preferred choice' for development. Essentially, land along the highway will be dug down and left at highway level and zoned 'mixed use commercial/industrial'; the remaining high land along Hamilton Blvd will be zoned 'residential.'

Looking at the land around the airport for possible commercial/industrial growth (map below), it's clear that there's no need to make this land Industrial/commercial. The OCP says it is to be developed as residential, and this should be followed - that's what the neighbourhood visioning meeting said.

Orange is 'preferred' residential zoning
bright blue is 'preferred' industrial/commercial zoning
red is industrial or commercial
blue is future development
purple is public service/public utility


Need for land for housing

Here's another look at the OCP amendment's preferred method, ie., zone the blue as industrial/commercial and the orange as residential.

The white line outlines TKC land.
The two pale blue outlines are KDFN land.
The existing residential neighbourhoods are light brown.
Existing commercial area is pale red.

The black area with red outline is what the OCP proposes as Hillcrest infill.

The Tank Farm area is less than a 10 minute walk from the Canada Games Centre; it's a 30 minute walk to the waterfront. We need land to build housing and would like it to be near the city core. Instead they propose creating an industrial /commercial area larger than Hillcrest.

So, Hillcrest/ Elijah Smith's greenspace needs to be developed, yet valuable housing land can be made industrial. Porter Creek D needs to be developed and more roads will need to be built for cars because it's too far to walk to downtown or the multiplex.

Sadly, if we let the proposed amendment come to council as the 'preferred method' for 1st reading of the By-law, it will be a much bigger challenge. At the visioning meeting, one proposal was tiered housing behind the commercial. What happened? Great place for some cheaper lots, a chance for affordable housing.

There needs a broad public process to talk about this before the Zoning Amendment comes forward. The Yukon Anti-poverty coalition came to the visioning meeting. Are they happy with this? Are the Friends of McIntyre Creek?

Some of us still like to walk downtown. I for one would rather have a neighbourhood of homes rather than a neighbourhood of chain-link fenced properties like Burns Road. Let's aim for a walkable neighbourhood for our new neighbour.