Walking is a practical, natural way to a healthy life

It seems hardly a day passes without a headline like "Exercising 10 minutes a day can boost life expectancy." With medical costs going up and today's computer-focussed days competing with yesterday's TV-focussed days, a natural solution is walking. Little cost to the individual, small cost to government for an old, tried and true way of being active.

Are we walking in a 'good' manner? In particular, hiking in Whitehorse includes lots of hills — can we save our knees, can we have less achy quads?

Healthy walking techniques


Look, Don't Touch, The problem with environmental education

"THE BIG QUESTION IS: what's the most effective way to parent and educate children so that they will grow up to behave in environmentally responsible ways?...Most environmentalists attributed their commitment to a combination of two sources, "many hours spent outdoors in a keenly remembered wild or semi-wild place in childhood or adolescence, and an adult who taught respect for nature....It seems that allowing children to be "untutored savages" early on can lead to environmental knowledge in due time."

Community health and walking


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention