Special or seasonal events, walks, runs, relays, marathons

Events by group events are especially for those who like company. Companionship, security, new friends, learning the outdoors, finding new places to walk, doing something different — the possibilities are endless. The focus is not always 'the walk'.

What's happening, by date is your chance to test your limits, to be competitive, to show your support, to fund raise, sometimes just to have fun! This page is a guide. It's not up to date as I haven't focused on it.

What happens in Whitehorse is that often people hike with friends. Some on a regular basis, other spontaneous. There are even informal walking groups, such as one that meets every Sunday having 5-20 people show up for hikes.

The A walker's point of view page can also give you some ideas on connecting with others. In particular you can use the Walking Trails PDF discussed next as a group focus.

Walking Trails PDF: I've picked a year of circular hikes at 1 hike a week — that's over 320 kms of walks! Labels on the front map link to individual walks. The pdf is large (14.5 mb) but the imagery is worth it. So far, I'm only chosing walks that can be done in loops; for a bit of background, look at An intro to loop trails and these other Irish trail publications. The maps are created for discussion. They are not provided to claim safe trails. No responsibility of conditions or accuracy is implied by presenting these maps. Observations, corrections and additions are very welcome. Improvements will come as people proof them, by walking them!

Events by group

ElderActive Recreation Association has a Walking Group

Indigenous Hiking Club

YFGA Yukon Outdoor Woman Program June 3rd, 2016 - June 5th, 2016

Yukon College walking group. Meets Wed and Fri at noon at the college bookstore for a .5 hour walk in the neighbourhood. Call 668-8800 for more information.

Yukon Outdoor Recreation Network (YORecNet) ... informal forum for organizing groups for outdoor activities, potentially a good way to find out about new places to go, share experiences, and maybe meet new people or do things outdoors with some people you know.

City of Whitehorse

Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre
Women's walking group held very Thursday from 11:45am-1pm. Meet at 503 Hanson. Call 667-2693.

Clubtread community, search "Seeking Hiking Partners" for Whitehorse

Hospice Walking Group Mondays September 9 - 29 6:00 - 7:30pm. Walk the Millennium trail as you receive and give healthy grief support. To register call 667-7429 or administrator@hospiceyukon.net

Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY)

Yukon Historical & Museums Association (YHMA)

ElderActive Recreation Association; appeals to those who enjoy walking with others for exercise as well as the companionship and motivation.

Race Walking A dedicated core of race walkers train year round and take part in weekly timed 5K events from May through September. Many compete in the walking category of the Klondike Road Relay.

Environment Yukon
- Wildlife viewing events

Yukon Conservation Society
Weekly summer nature hikes

Alpine Club of Canada, Yukon Section

National Outdoor Leadership School, Yukon

Climb Yukon

Yukon Bird Club
The club has many field trips. These led events are a good learning experience, not only around birds, but also the environment. Lots of publications such as Ten great places to go birding in Whitehorse

Yukon Orienteering Association Orienteering combines running and navigation. They have many local maps and orienteering is good way to learn map reading and bush navigating. Overview map.

Mae Bachur Animal Shelter Love dogs and walking but can't have one at home, or just want to help out, contact us. Tues-Fri: 12 pm-7 pm; Sat: 10 am-6 pm

"Owners with dogs are more likely to speak to others, and the regular contact between the individuals provides mental stimulus, a vehicle for sharing community interests and support for those facing the grittiness of their everyday lives. A dog is also a perfect fitness partner." Living well together

Pathways to Wellness
The Yukon's wellness website explores many aspects of living healthily. For instance, not only is hiking in a group safer at times, it's also good for our mental wellbeing and fun, as seen in the website's walking in groups!

Yukon Outdoors Club (The club has disbanded)

What's happening, by date

Look at entries in Trail-related media

Health Canada's Calendar of health promotion days

Following are place holders. I don't always get to keep up to date, so where it is current, I'll put '2015'
Often just the date is correct as most sites haven't upgraded other event info.

Virtual walks