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September 23, 2013. This page is being slowly updated as I examine Yukon Government departments for programs and funding opportunities that could apply to walking and to walking tourism. I'm also shifting the focus from solely on Whitehorse to the broader Yukon walking experience.

The page will be a bit disorganized as I figure out what exists, and how best to present it from a walking perspective.

Yukon Government

Community Services

Community Recreation Facilities

The Yukon government supports recreational facilities in the various communities throughout the Yukon. This recreational infrastructure includes facilities such as community halls, skating rinks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, playgrounds, playing fields, etc.

Marsh Lake Mt. Lorne list their ski trails under this program; Carmacks has a riverside 2-km boardwalk; Dawson City lists its trail system; Teslin has the George Johnston Trail; Watson Lake has the Wye Lake trail and Liard Canyon walking trail. While other trails are not listed, likely recreational walking trails are a recreation use not always considered.

Active Living Yukon

Active Yukon Communities is about infrastructure, parks, trails, volunteers, programs and special events which contribute to healthy community environments by making it easy for Yukoners to be physically active on a daily basis. A Yukon that is active, where health, well-being and physical activity are viewed as an investment in the quality of life for every individual, and for vibrant, healthy and sustainable Yukon communities.

Economic Development

Community Development Fund (CDF)

The CDF gives Yukon community, industry and professional associations; non-profit and charitable organizations; and municipal and First Nations governments money for projects and events that:

The primary goal of the CDF is to fund projects and events that provide long-term benefits and value to Yukon communities.

One of the virtues of the Community Development Fund is the diversity of projects it can accommodate

Regional Economic Development Branch (REDF)

The primary objectives of the REDF are to promote organizational capacity development and facilitate regional economic development.

Eligible projects or activities

Activities related to capacity development, including:

Outcomes include:


Energy, Mines and Resources

Status of Motorized vehicle Task Force


Environment Yukon takes a leading role in regulating and enforcing safe standards for air, water, and soil, in managing human impacts on fish and wildlife, in providing quality outdoor recreation opportunities in territorial parks and campgrounds, and in addressing the challenge of global climate change.

Wildlife Viewing Program; Wildlife Viewing Events

Conservation Action Team (CAT)

Yukon Youth Conservation Corps (Y2C2)

Environmental Monitoring Programs for Students

Environmental Awareness Fund enhances the efforts of groups and clubs to educate the public about the Yukon's natural environment, promote conservation and biodiversity, and encourage sustainable use of fish, wildlife and their habitat; Educational camps, brochures, surveys, video productions, public lectures, and similar kinds of activities can be funded

Sources of Funding for Environmental/ Conservation Projects in the Yukon (updated March 2016)

Status of Motorized vehicle Task Force

Executive Council Office

Youth Leadership & Activities Program


Budget-type information

Health and Social Services

Youth Directorate

Q: What kinds of projects typically receive funding?
Common themes for funded projects include:

Q: What should we keep in mind if we want a good chance at getting funding?
Every YIF project is unique. Projects should include as many of following items as possible:

Q: What can YIF funding be used for?

Highways and Public Works


Land titles

Tourism and Culture

Product Development Partnership Program (PDPP)

Niche product development

Tourism and Culture initiatives that support the development of emerging tourism products or enhancement of existing products such as:

Tourism cooperative marketing fund (TCMF)

The TCMF is designed to help Yukon's tourism industry attract visitation, gain international exposure and strengthen the territory's tourism brand.

Still to understand is Tourism product. For instance: 'Municipalities and DMO's wishing to sell their destination' does this apply to a community that wishes to advertise its walking trails?

Yukon historic resources fund

This Tourism and Culture fund is intended to support specific projects that promote appreciation; provide protection, preservation and orderly development; and promote study and interpretation of these resources. The fund will assist a component of a long-term project provided there is a product associated with that component. Generally, these are the types of projects that will be considered:

Arts funding and awards

The Arts Section's mandate is to support and encourage the development of the visual, literary, and performing arts in Yukon. We accomplish this through programs which enhance public appreciation of the arts and which assist artists, arts organizations, and arts collectives in the pursuit of their goals.

Whitehorse Electoral Districts

The Elections Yukon website has a clickable map showing each of the districts.

Yukon Lotteries Commission

Recreational projects program

The objective is to provide funding assistance to projects that sustain and contribute to the growth of art, sport and recreation within Yukon for the benefit and enjoyment of Yukon people in the following areas:
- amateur level sports, physical fitness activities, and recreation; and
- performing, visual, and literary arts.
The program strives to improve the quality of life for all Yukon people through participation or availability of art, sport and recreation in their communities.

Community lottery program

The Community Lottery Program provides municipalities and local authorities with funding to support art, sport and recreation in their communities. Each community receives a base amount of $8,000 plus $12.00 per capita for populations up to 5,000 and $3.25 per capita for populations over 5,000. The intent of the program is to enable local decision making to meet community needs and create equitable access to lottery revenues for all Yukon people.

Federal Government

Other organizations

YESAB's purpose: To protect the environmental and social integrity of the Yukon, while fostering responsible development in the territory that reflects the values of Yukoners and respects the contributions of First Nations.

Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon (TIA Yukon)