Places to walk...GUIDES, MAPS, BOOKS, IDEAS

Walkers like variety—easy, hard, short, long, steep, flat, open, in the bush, ..... and while the trails around our neighbourhoods are the most used of our repertoire of trails, we're often looking for different routes, different places to walk.

Whitehorse, the wilderness city. A collection of walking ideas is about making Whitehorse a great walking city. Included are over 75 circular walks, almost 600 km of walks to tempt both tourists and locals. Check often as updates happen frequently.

Walking communities has maps, Parks, interpreted trails and other walking ideas outside Whitehorse.

Accessible spots around town

July 27, 2018. Here's a start of wheelchair/walker/stroller-style places to go. I'll work more on this but here's a start:

other MAPS/Walking areas

Orienteering resources

Interpreted trails, walks




Blue moon

Kwanlin Dun First Nation

Ta'an Kwäch'än

Yukon.cais a start of YG informations such as campgrounds.


Winter walking
- Snow and ice control policy Appendix C has a map
- The paved two-mile hill is ploughed and sanded
- Walk Canada Games Center's 215-m indoor track
      (M-F: 5:30am - 10pm; S,S: 7am - 10pm)

Whitehorse Visitor Information Centre

email; 1-867-667-3084, Fax: 1-867-393-6351
100, Hanson St (at 2nd Avenue)

whitehorsewalks.com maps

I'm making a set of PDF maps based on an image of the entire city with trails, developed in Google Earth. Zoom in using the PDF zoom tool. Start with areas you know, like your neighbourhood, then explore. Think about trails which you've hiked, which ones you'd recommend that visitors can safely do. If we ever get the community energy to have a walking festival here, which walks would you recommend? Here's the Legend, and some trail discussion, including a start of a named trail database.

NOTE: The maps are fairly detailed prototypes: 65 x 28 inches ~7-8mb. Don't try to print them.
The maps are created for discussion. They are not provided to claim safe trails. No responsibility of conditions or accuracy is implied by presenting these maps. Observations, corrections and additions are very welcome. Improvements will come as people proof them, by walking them!

Walks, giving distances between points and linking trails to get to other neighbourhoods. There's overlap as I work on seeing best way of presenting this data. (Think of walking about 4 km per hour for a moderate pace.)