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Page is 'under construction'. March 26, 2014. This page looks at nature from the point of view of walkers.

Additionally, many people would be more confident and likely to walk if trails were well marked — particularly with reassurance markers — and maintained in a state reflecting their use (boardwalks, switchbacks, staircases, trailhead mapping.)

When looking at walking and trails, tourism needs are very similar to the needs of residents. Travellers today are better informed and seek opportunities to learn. They are intrigued by the wilderness and want to experience it at a personal level. It's difficult to separate tourist and local needs: in general the need/desire for safety and knowledge can be found among many people.

Addressing these concepts can make Whitehorse and the Yukon, more of a walking community — good for residents, their fun and health, and a big plus, good for tourism. Today's lifestyles make strong outdoor/wilderness connections more difficult to find.

Making many of these things happen will come, in part, from active stewardship. So far there's been strong trail focus by groups with trail desires such as the mountain bikers, the snowmobile, ATV and dirt bike people, the trail runners, but there needs to be a focus on the actual greenspace as well as the trails.

How can we do this? My Walking, trails and my Walking events pages have ideas of what others are doing.